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QiO and Syniverse Collaboration to accelerate Industry 4.0

April 13, 2017


QiO have signed a Collaboration Agreement with Syniverse, to combine the two companies’ cloud based platforms resulting in global reach to support the need for reliable, secure connectivity and advanced manufacturing techniques that are vital to implementing Industry 4.0.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Syniverse to bring about this one-of-a-kind solution to our customers,” said Baz Khuti, Co-Founder and CEO of QiO. “Industrials need real-time, secure connectivity to their assets, regardless of the location, and no matter whether their workforce is at home or on the road, reliable, secure connectivity is required. Further, our customers require the ability to transfer confidential data and insights in real-time between their plants and their customers, including the need to execute pay-as-use financial settlement for those transactions. Now, with our relationship with Syniverse, we are able to deliver this secure connectivity, visibility, clearing and settlement capability to our customers as they drive toward the next generation of industrial manufacturing.”

QiO’s FORESIGHT® Platform is a multi-sided platform built on open-source standards that enables manufacturers and industrials to unlock capacity, deliver higher quality and gain greater visibility across the entire value chain. The Collaboration Agreement brings together the FORESIGHT Platform with Syniverse’s platform of services and global network that delivers reliable, secure connectivity, policy, data clearing and financial settlement capabilities.

“Syniverse is uniquely positioned to provide truly global connectivity to QiO’s FORESIGHT® Platform.” said Tim Moss, Chief Operating Officer, Syniverse. “Syniverse’s network reaches 200 countries and territories, capable of connecting manufacturers with plants in every region of the world as well as connecting every mobile device globally – allowing QiO’s industrial customers to have real-time, secure connectivity to their assets and plants while also enabling clearing of mission critical data between those industrial customers and their business partners.”

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