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QiO Technologies Chairman co-authors white paper on the fourth industrial revolution and the chair’s evolving role

May 27, 2019

The paper provides an in-depth perspective on the importance of corporate boards’ intervention in assessing the impact of new technologies

London, UK, 27th May, 2019 — Rick Haythornthwaite, Chairman and Co-Founder, QiO Technologies, and Natalie Pierce, Co-Chair of the Robotics, AI and Automation practice at Littler, have published a white paper on the fourth industrial revolution and the role of corporate boards in assessing the impact of new technologies and chartering a roadmap for successful adoption.

The paper highlights the need for boards to play both offense and defense in adopting transformative technologies and preparing organisations for the future that is AI, robotics and augmented reality. Rick and Natalie elaborate on how board members must carefully charter long-term plans for companies in adopting new technologies after due evaluation through pilot programs and validation studies. A major element of a successful transformation program is for boards to ensure there is co-ordination between the leadership team and HR departments on analysing functions and responsibilities in existing jobs, and designing a detailed reskilling program to meet the skill gap and to align employees for jobs of the future.

QiO Technologies Chairman and Co-Founder, Rick Haythornthwaite, talking about the white paper, said – “Corporate boards are slow to come to terms with the impact that the fourth industrial revolution is likely to have on the competitive landscape of every sector and shape of their companies. The document challenges boards to consider one important aspect of the changes coming their way, namely, their people.”

The paper can be downloaded from the QiO website here.