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Reduce Energy Consumption & Costs

“One key aspect of implementing QiO Foresight applications is through the use of configuration driven templates.”

-Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2019

Optimise energy usage and cut your carbon footprint with QiO Foresight Energy®

Real-time prescriptive recommendations enable plant engineers to optimise energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Reduction in energy costs per plant by 10%+ per annum
    • AI driven Energy Efficiency Index to identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Compare sites for energy and carbon usage
    • Benchmark sites to drive best practices
  • Enterprise wide carbon usage for compliance reporting
Reduce Energy & Carbon
Reduce Energy & Carbon

Single view of all sites of current and predictive energy costs and carbon.

Through configurable AI models:

  • Energy Efficiency Index
  • Scenario Planner
Maximize Renewable Use

Integrate renewable energy sources and predict optimum energy and carbon emissions with Energy Mix Optimisation model.

Eliminate Tariff Surcharges
Eliminate Tariff Surcharges

Identify peak demand conditions to avoid incurring higher tariffs and penalties with Peak Demand Optimisation model.

Proven to deliver 10%+ Energy saving per asset, per annum

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