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Customer Success Story

“There is no secret about the challenges facing the industry; loss of skills and challenge attracting younger skills, aging pipeline assets developing increased risks and costs, industry wide cost reductions and increased pressure from regulatory demands. To respond to these constraints, Penspen and QiO have created THEIA, which combines our expertise to offer a new way of managing pipeline integrity.”

– Penspen CEO, Mr. Peter O’Sullivan

Penspen, a leading global O&G services provider develops flagship digital pipeline integrity service – THEIA

Penspen has been providing engineering, project management, asset management and integrity services to the energy industry worldwide for over 65+ years. During its history, Penspen has undertaken over 10,000 projects becoming one of the world’s most trusted assessors of oil and gas pipeline integrity. Penspen believe that the future of pipeline integrity is in making their world leading expertise more accessible to all pipeline operators.

The THEIA application consolidates Penspen’s years of expertise, industry knowledge and quality assurance using QiO’s Foresight Maintenance® technology to enable clients to take control of the integrity of their pipelines using industry standards and trusted methodologies whilst ensuring maximum security for all their critical data.

With QiO Foresight Maintenance®, Penspen:

  • Digitised its integrity assessment analytics expertise
  • Created a service allowing clients to pro-actively manage their pipelines, to address defects and prevent failures
  • Provided clients with results and reports in seconds rather than weeks


How do we digitise processes to become more accurate, scale up and enable self-service?


  • Increased accuracy of reports 
  • Engineer time freed up for expert analysis and recommendations