Why QiO slider

Why the worlds leading
enterprises are choosing QiO:

  • We help deliver material improvements in energy consumption, carbon
    emissions and plant uptime
  • We deliver our solutions at scale, not just as proofs of concept
  • We accelerate time to value, regardless of legacy systems and cloud
  • We impart momentum and confidence to your engineers and digital journey

Five reasons why QiO can achieve what others cannot:

1.Augmented Applications

QiO provides out of the box, configuration driven augmented applications such as QiO Foresight Energy® and QiO Foresight Maintenance®, with pre-built blueprints to accelerate customer digital initiatives. This allows customers to move from proofs of value and pilots to full scale production without large consultancy costs and custom data science models. Our augmented applications act as guides to your plant engineers to build trust in digitising complex industrial processes.


QiO recognises that customers have multiple IT and OT systems across their enterprise as well as different businesses groups that may select either specialised IoT vendors or Cloud providers for their own IoT offerings. QiO’s Foresight Applications are designed to be interoperable with existing systems, vendor specific IoT platforms or Cloud IoT platforms. This allows customers the flexibility and choice to deploy QiO Foresight Applications on any cloud and on any IoT platform without vendor lock-in. QiO uniquely provides containerised, API-first and micro-services driven applications.

3.Applied AI

The focus of Data Science is experimentation to test theories and provide evidence with high degrees of accuracy (99%+) which can then be applied in real situations. The shortcomings of Data Science are the unknowns of real production environments, gaining trust and codifying human bias (knowledge). As such, Data Science driven models prove valuable in short proofs of concept and pilots but fail to scale into production. At QiO we’ve built on the lessons from Data Science driven projects to create Applied AI – a bridge between what is possible in a lab and practical in production. QiO’s Applied AI framework acts as a mentor to engineers providing customers with a practical, proven and secure approach to scale and ensure repeatable AI models across their plants, assets and operations.

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QiO’s Foresight Applications deliver orchestration from three interrelated perspectives, enabling the plants of the future and remote operators to:

  • Provide feedback loops to improve the accuracy of AI models.
  • Fully automate the control of physical machinery.
  • Automate the complete cycle from sensor to process automation of manual inspection, safety and service processes, thus dramatically improving customer service.
5.Digital Twin (PARCS®)

Just as DNA testing revolutionised medical and forensic science, QiO’s AI driven  PARCS®(patent pending) – Performance, Availability, Reliability, Capacity and Serviceability framework allows customers to create digital fingerprints of individual assets and compare & benchmark them against other assets. This allows engineers to immediately determining the identical twins and their nearest cousins across millions of data points rapidly without incurring large Cloud or IT infrastructure costs. It also dramatically improves the ability for manufacturers to identify potential product liabilities issues across a fleet of assets thus mitigating risk and saving time.

Applied AI at Scale in Production


Enterprises are frustrated with data science initiatives failing to reach production and not being accepted by their industrial engineers. They do not want to hear from large consultancy companies unless they can show real and repeatable solutions at scale. At QiO, our software is built by industrial engineers for engineers, understanding that AI models need to be field tested, validated and proven in production and delivered to plant engineers in an easy to learn application. QiO also provides an online coach to improve performance and reduce human bias.


Safety of the worker, plant and environment is critical and can never be compromised. Our competitors fail to understand the importance of mission critical systems. AI models cannot be black-box, where the underlying algorithms are hidden from the operator because they hide the recommendations and insights that are generated. At QiO we understand the needs of our industrial clients, recognising safety is vital. We offer  white-box models where the plant engineer is provided transparency into how the algorithms are generated to gain trust, confidence, and understanding.


Augmented analytics requires continuous interaction and feedback from industrial engineers with the AI model to create trust. At QiO our only goal is to empower and liberate your engineers from manual spreadsheets, data silos and antiquated systems. Our customers own their data, their customer relationships, and their digital journeys.